x from dbx
Meet a new era
in stabletokens
Will be available in summer 2022
Would be availible on Late 2022
xUS, xEU, xRU, xAED
xINR, xHKD, xJPY, xCNY, xGBP, xZar
We have own market control team who ensures the stability and reliability of the token price.
You can bridge xUS in Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and DBX Smart Network
Stables from DBX works on Safest and Fastest blockchain – DBX Smart Network
Use xUS, xEU tokens to trade and stake in DeFi
Zero fees
There are no fees to buy or sell xUSD or any stable token on the DBX based platforms
Using DBX supported by most popular networks
Why is DBX stable?
What is DBX?
DBX is an ecosystem uniting several platforms that focus on the crypto assets and their variations (tokens, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, etc.). It includes crypto bank, investment fund, decentralized exchange, ATM networks and more departments to ease the work with tokens and keep the tools at one place. The constant development helps to cover more and more fields in cryptobusiness, like, for example, this happened with creation of own blockchain that suits perfectly the image, needs of the platform’s users.
What currencies are supported by DBX?
The DBX platforms are oriented on the needs of all their clients, so the list includes the great variety of fiat currencies supported by it. With mainly classical choice there for now, it is planned to add as many existing options as possible. Among them you will find: xUS, xEU, xCNY, xRU as the most popular ones, and then there go xINR, xHKD, xJPY, xAED, xGBP, xZar with more options. This list is constantly updated, so even if some of the currencies are not represented in it right now, it is only a matter of time when they appear for regular use.
Who can use DBX stables?
Using DBX stables is not a problem neither for business establishments nor for regular users. The purpose of the ecosystem is to help businesses, investors and common people interested in cryptoindustry in getting into the world of virtual assets and easily use the fiat money within this ecosystem as in protected environment. Together with other of its benefits, like high transaction speed, security verified by governmental authorities, variety of profiles for different users, it becomes the perfect choice for considering.
What are specifics of DBX token?
The tokens used within DBX ecosystem are a kind of stablecoins that match with fiat currency on the 1:1 basis. They preserve the low volatility and at the same time possess all the benefits the crypto asset is able to offer, like ability to move across the blockchain. When using the DBX token, it is ensured that the stablecoin like this will not be suddenly influenced in its price, like it may happen to regular cryptocurrency, so all of the assets can not be lost in price or affected by short-term events.
What about the fees within DBX?
The DBX ecosystem does not charge any fees when selling or buying the stablecoins like xUSD, as it encourages its users to get to know more about the world of cryptocurrencies and virtual assets, especially for the ones who are just going to start their way in it. It will not be a problem for anyone to make the first try and transfer the fiat money to the blockchain of DBX, whether it is the investor, business wishing to keep the assets or the user who wants to start the trade within the platform.
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