DBX plans to start working actively with the Dollar, Euro, Ruble, Drachma by the summer

Numerous forecasts regarding the change in the cryptocurrency market agree that interest in crypto coins will steadily increase. To expand its capabilities, the DBX platform plans to master the issuance of the Dollar, Euro, Ruble, Drachma and more by the summer in order to use them in new tokenization projects. Visitors will be able to enjoy the advanced features of the DBX platform using the Bang app or other functionality of the decentralized exchange.

Our blockchain as a guaranteed secure tool
Each visitor to the DBX platform has access to tools to create their own unique tokens. It will take no more than a couple of minutes to complete the formation of any token on our site. All registered users have round-the-clock access to a wide range of functionality for working with cryptoassets. You can always ask for help from platform specialists who will instantly answer any question. The DBX platform guarantees instant execution of its transactions, protection of personal data.

Free exchange of your tokens
By increasing the potential opportunities by launching the turnover of the Dollar, Euro, Ruble, Drachma, the platform expands the set of tools for the formation of promising currency pairs. The DBX decentralized exchange will instantly connect to the Ethereum and Binance blockchain. This ensures the simultaneous execution of numerous transactions in any direction with 100% anonymity. Accounting for current quotes is maintained automatically for all currency pairs available on the exchange. Transaction requests are processed instantly. Each registered user has the opportunity to freely receive passive income through staking.

Monitoring your tokens
The user can verify the reliability of the tokens at any time. They clearly see the degree of liquidity, the passage of transactions, the codes of all orders, and other important information for themselves that helps to successfully work with cryptocurrency. We provide reliable protection of investments from any surprises. Working on the DBX platform is characterized by a high degree of security. Constant monitoring makes it possible to instantly identify fraud attempts and stop them at the initial stage.
The emergence of new tools on the DBX platform maximizes the already solid user experience. New currency pairs will help attract large investors more actively for the implementation of promising projects.