What blockchains does the DBX platform run on?

The DBX platform provides instant creation of smart contracts of any complexity at a minimal cost. With the help of a special code, instant fulfillment of the agreed obligations is ensured, which significantly increases the efficiency of transactions. On the DBX platform, thanks to a wide range of tools, you can create any token in a matter of minutes. While the DBX platform works on the DBX Smart Network, ETH, BSC blockchain, however, in the very near future it will start using Ava and others, which will significantly increase the efficiency of the decentralized platform.

The fastest service
The widespread use of new technologies ensures instant transactions with 100 % security. Each new block is created every second, which makes it possible to confidently work with any currency pairs. The use of different blockchains opens up unlimited prospects for enhancing investment in various cryptoassets. Combining fiat payment services with crypto exchanges, our platform offers users a wide range of opportunities for a successful business vision. The risk of meeting regulatory enforcement restrictions is minimized, while the volatility of cryptoassets is reduced.

New opportunities for crypto enthusiasts on the DBX platform
The DBX platform provides one hundred percent reliable communications between any currency pairs when making transactions. Every moment there is a reserve of at least 500 DBX for supernode launches. Cryptocurrency cards are actively issued on DBX, which significantly increases the efficiency of the platform. If desired, a small or large business can become a venture investor in order to directly influence the development of the site while receiving passive income. All transactions passing through partner networks bring a decent cashback, which reduces current costs.

Why DBX attracts users so much
There are many services on the cryptocurrency platform for the quick exchange of any currency pairs or mutual settlements under smart contracts. The developers of the ecosystem took into account all the existing requirements of the regulator. Maximum transaction speed with a high degree of protection against any fraudulent schemes. The connection with other blockchains is constantly strengthening, which makes the DBX platform the most popular, universal tool for working with cryptoassets.